Book Lover's Vacation: Paris, France

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Paris - The City of Light, of Love, and of Literature. Authors and artists have flocked to Paris by the thousands looking for inspiration and sheer admiration. I had dreamed of going to Paris ever since I read Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans. When I was given the opportunity in my Junior year, I scooped it so fast that I gave my poor parents whiplash. 

It's absolutely true what they say - the entire city is magic. I wasn't surprised one bit that authors and Paris have had such a long, passionate past. The city truly is the perfect mise en scène. As you walk down the winding side streets lined with gorgeous flower-laden balconies, you can just imagine your favorite romance novel playing out among the passerby. At the same time, those streets at night can feel mysterious enough for our classic Noir detective novels. The twisty passages contain all kinds of nooks and crannies that would be perfect for the curious P.I.

Below are some novels set in Paris that really highlight the city in all its glorious beauty:

The Paris Wife: Paula McLain

Paula McLain

The Nightingale: Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah

Paris Was the Place: Susan Conley

Susan Conley

Hunting and Gathering: Gavalda, Anna

Gavalda, Anna

As always, Happy Reading!

xoxo- Erica

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