An Ode to Autumn

Monday, September 30, 2019

I love embracing the season that I'm in. During the summer, I thrive on the heat, going to the beach & laying in the sun with an audiobook plugged happily into my ears. I enjoy employing my green thumb where I can, whispering words of love towards my happy little plants in my itty bitty garden. Winter is spent in the warmth of my home, with my faux fur blankets, chunky knits, and kitty cats snuggled up against me. Springtime, although fleeting, is also welcomed with open arms. I adore watching the fresh spring rain and I appreciate the flowers that it produces. 

But the Fall ... that is a whole different story.

Every year, Autumn hits me like a truck, and I'm never fully prepared for the deep-rooted affection that I've harbored for it. Its plethora of smells like apple, cinnamon, cashmere, and spice are warm reminders of my youth. I look forward to the falling leaves and trailing colors that they leave behind. That anticipation gives way to cuddling on cold nights while watching smoky bonfires, baking warm apple pies, and shrugging into soft wool sweaters.  I always think I love all the seasons equally until October rolls around. She's like the one that got away, and I'm reminded that there's nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the sweet crisp air of cooler weather.

I always celebrate Autumn by beginning with Oktoberfest. It wasn't until I could (legally) drink that I really was able to appreciate the price-per-mug at our local festival. Before my love of german beer, I used to enjoy going with my family to corn-mazes, apple picking, and trick-or-treating. To this day, I still stomp on crunchy leaves like the happy 10 year old I was.

 Something about the season inspired a full burgundy and muted-blue wedding last year, where I said "I do", further solidifying my inherent affection for Autumn altogether. It was a gorgeous garden extravaganza, saturated with heady-scented flowers and bourbon cocktails. 

And each year, I always gravitate towards the same few books around Autumn. I like to think it's because they are the tried and true novels that remind me of the season. A part of me questions that I might just be afraid of change which is no way to celebrate a season entirely about change! In honor of that revelation, I'm trying something new this year, and I'll be keeping my Jane Austen novels on the shelf. 

I haven't picked one yet, but if you have any book recommendations that remind you of Fall - please don't hesitate to comment them below! I'd love to hear what you love about Autumn - or any season for that matter. 

xoxo - Erica  

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