Youtube Music Channels for Binge Reading

Friday, November 30, 2018

If you've been constantly on the search for calm reading music - look no further!!

I've compiled my favorite youtube channels (which are entirely free 🙌) when I want to low-key jam and read! These stations are ambient, calming, and don't distract me from my book. I like to think that they enhance my reading experience but in reality, I probably just need noise in the background.


1) at caf é ­ [lofi / jazz hip hop mix] by mellowbeat seeker

What I love: Makes me of want to sit in some cafe and fantasize about all the great romances that have begun there. I play this station on loop all the time.  Honestly, anything by Mellowbeat Seeker is impressive. 

books that I recommend with this: upbeat romantic comedies

2)  flowers feat. nori (20mn extended) by in love with a ghost

What I love: It's like young love with those simple notes and bittersweet harmonies. I adore in love with a ghost and really recommend any of their videos! 

books that I recommend with this: first love romance novels. 

3) EMOTIONAL by Neotic

What I love: Neotic has this incredible way of blending somber music. I adore all of their videos with dramas especially when I'm in need of a good cry. 

books that I recommend with this: drama, all the drama. 


1) 'Back To The 80's' | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix for 1 Hour | Vol. 15 by The Prime Thanos

What I love: The Prime Thanos has perfected modern 80's style synth. The tempos are quick without being overwhelming. I can really read the heck out of an adventure novel while having these videos playing quietly in the background. 

books that I recommend with this: spy novels, books with a lot of fight scenes and action. 

2) Blade - A Synthwave Mix - Odysseus

What I love: What is there not to love about Odysseus. This particular mix reminds me a futuristic space exploring novel. 

books that I recommend with this: think alien space exploring novels. 

3) CRONOS - Epic Powerful Orchestral Music Mix | BEST OF EPIC MUSIC - Position Music by pandora journey

What I love: pandora journey has been cranking out killer soundtracks lately. All of their music has this inspirational I-can-conquer-the-world vibe. 

books that I recommend with this: viking adventure, dark adventure, fantasy adventure novels.

Fantasy/ Sci-Fi

1)  1 Hour of Fairytale Music - Derek & Brandon Fiechter

What I love: Derek & Brandon Fiechter are modern composers. Honest to goodness, they can soundtrack any and all of your fantasy sci-fi novels.

books that I recommend with this: fairytales, new worlds, and epics. 

Give 'em a go and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy Listening!

xoxo- Erica

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